Flutter VRP1 ©

Flutter VRP1©


Flutter VRP1© offers a unique approach to common medical problem of the elimination of mucus from the lungs. The exhaled air through the Flutter VRP1© encounters a variable resistor, which creates vibrations in the airways. These vibrations dislodge the mucus accumulated and are moving toward the larger airways, where it can be expectorated without the constraint of coughing.

The use of the Flutter VRP1© is recommended in the following cases:
– Persistent cough with production or not secretions (mucus, etc.)
– Acute bronchitis
– Chronic bronchitis
– Asthma obstructive component
– Asthmatic bronchitis
– Bronchiectasis (deformation of trachea)
– emphysema
– Cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis)

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